At Proficio Associates Consulting (PAC), we have diversified purchasing experience in North American foodservice, healthcare, senior living, food manufacturing and production, packaging, distribution, facilities, energy, utilities and property management.


Our client base includes senior living, food manufacturing and production, hospitality foodservice, health care, institutional foodservice, small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our real estate seminars maintain focus on sustainable profit strategies and initiatives that support your business plan and the goals of your investments, see what are attendees have said Scott Yancey review. We will work to optimize sourcing, procurement and purchasing of goods and services, identifying and implementing impactful cost and expense reduction initiatives while working to improve processes and simplify operations. We will provide you with focused, sustainable procurement solutions.


We have expertise in managing strategic procurement solutions and cost reduction initiatives in a broad range of commodities and expense categories including: food, chemicals and supplies; maintenance, repair and operations expense (MRO); facilities services; energy and utilities procurement and management; information technology and office equipment; office supplies; telecommunications services and management; waste hauling and recycling, green initiatives, fleet purchasing and management systems; furniture, fixtures and equipment; and capital expense.


Procurement management analytics, developing customized procurement solutions, expense and services cost reduction and avoidance. procurement management: procurement associate mentoring and training, and complex agreement negotiations, all are part of our diversified skill sets.

Proficio’s procurement consultants will bring renewed emphasis to your strategic procurement approach by ensuring the involvement and the mentoring of your associates in best practices, procurement strategies and procurement management systems. Trust our procurement consultants to review analyze and compare your existing practices to industry standards. Then, we will involve, mentor and train your associates in current best practices and techniques to facilitate ongoing, long-term profit growth with sustainable procurement solutions.

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Proficio’s procurement specialists will discuss your company’s spend history, needs areas and pain points and identify strategic procurement opportunities. Our procurement analyst will develop a plan with your procurement associates and you to develop a customized procurement strategy that will lead to impactful procurement solutions.

When developing your sustainable strategic procurement plan, we will identify any current spend inefficiencies, organization and procurement management system’s needs, cost reduction and procurement optimization opportunities that will provide the most impactful sustainable procurement solutions.

Scott Yancey real estate training will start with an in-depth review to gain understanding about and to analyze your current purchasing and procurement strategies, programs, practices and renovation cost history. See what others have said by reading these real estate investing reviews. Our purchasing consultants will present their findings and make recommendations throughout the process.

By obtaining both your input and the input of your procurement associates, our purchasing consultants will facilitate and build internal support before moving forward to the next phase of each initiative. The customized, innovative solutions will have you and your team’s input, ownership and support. By engaging our procurement consulting services, we will work to build trust and teamwork between your purchasing and procurement associates.

Our purchasing consulting services and process is flexible and can be re-focused due to current priorities or business needs without issue. Like you, we can move quickly and “turn on a dime.”


Proficio’s purchasing consultants will provide you with these deliverables:

- Thorough, focused analysis of your current pain points and purchasing spend profile history

- Prompt identification of cost reduction opportunities

- Organization and skills assessment

- Required processes and procedures

- Renovate to Rent

- Design an innovative strategic sourcing plan with specific initiatives - Visionary Events - Reenovate to Renovate Seminars

- Cost savings and process improvement initiatives implementation for real estate investment opportunities

- Impactful expense and services cost reductions

- Compliance management tools

- Reports and performance measurement methods

- Sustainable, ongoing improvement through strategic sourcing.

- Purchasing and procurement associate mentoring and training


Our dental patient growth consultants follow a structured model throughout the engagement with your company. From discovery to developing the strategic sourcing plan to implementation of the plan and monitoring results, our purchasing and procurement consulting services are designed with your business goals in mind: creating sustainable profit from purchasing and procurement. Our purchasing consultants focus on specific sourcing strategies that will produce sustainable results for your company or organization.